This is how
your transformation
with #iNSPOS works

The future of hair extensions

Your Hairdreams stylist applies the #iNSPOS invisibly into your own hair with the help of tapes. The application is gentle, without stressing your hair or scalp.




Beautiful hair is a matter of trust!

Here’s how to get your hair extensions with #iNSPOS tape extensions.


Make an appointment at a Hairdreams partner salon of your choice. Receive a detailed consultation if and how your desired hairstyle is achievable with #iNSPOS.


Once the desired hairstyle is found, the next step is to determine the appropriate hair length and color together with your Hairdreams stylist.


The #iNSPOS hair is integrated into your own hair by means of wafer-thin tapes. The integration is done gently, without heat and without harming your own hair or scalp.


After application, #iNSPOS are carefully integrated with your natural hair so there’s no noticabale difference.


At home, you regularly style your hair with a flat or curling iron, activating the unique #iNSPOS effects over and over again.


On the go or while active, you can style your hair into a braid or bun. Thanks to the memory effect, your styling lasts!


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